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ModVation is designed to be a three-hour event in the evening, with a keynote speaker, a fireside chat and a panel, similar to Ted Talks, whereas ModVation is about Inspirations Worth Sharing featuring Bay Area celebrities, gamechangers innovators, investors, artists, local distinguished entrepreneurs, press and students. This year, concluding with a fashion show featuring the latest in tech, innovation and wearables. The focus will be the convergence of tech in fashion and art, how silicon valley helps the artist community, is it prospering or floundering?




ModVation Diversity Ventures Art Business Conference is all about the convergence of arts and technology, to promote diversity. It is designed to be a three-hour event in the evening, with a keynote speaker, a fireside chat and a panel discussion. It is an intimate twilight tech talk and mixer where top influencers, and game changers share their valuable lessons and experiences. ModVation is about inspirations worth sharing, to benefit others, concluding with a fashion show featuring the latest in tech, innovation, wearable, and sustainability. Each year, we select a topic that we see fit to the needs of our overall community.

This year's topic is Women in the Art Education and Technology. We want our conferences to have in impact in the technology communities and companies who participate in them, in bringing awareness to include, encourage, and recognize people of all races, ethnicity, genders, in various fields, for a long term collaboration and recognition.

The show is par of an annual charity benefit fundraising event for African Arts Academy, which is a non-profit organization dedicated in the doctrines of arts and crafts originating in African and the African diaspora.

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Application is now open for ModVation #DiversityVentures Conference 2019

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